What is the relationship between shareholders and directors?


Shareholders and directors have two completely different roles in a company. The shareholders (also called members) own the company by owning its shares and the directors manage it. A director does not need to be a shareholder.



What decisions can the shareholders make?


Shareholder decisions in the Companies Act 2006 include, but are not limited to:


  • amending the companies articles by special resolution;

  • changing the name of the company by ordinary resolution;

  • approving a substantial property transaction by ordinary resolution;

  • approving a director’s service contract for a fixed term of two years or more by ordinary resolution;

  • authorizing director’s to allot shares by ordinary resolution; and

  • disapplying shareholders’ pre-emption rights by special resolution.



Can directors remove a shareholder?

Yes, but it has to be resolved during the meeting that the Board of Directors also votes on the removal of the shareholder from any posts within the corporation he may currently hold. This would again require a majority vote from the board as well. 




Can a shareholder be fired?


The majority shareholders can remove a director by passing an ordinary resolution (51% majority) after giving special notice, but a shareholding can not be fired.  That much is fairly straightforward.  However, if a shareholder is also an employee, he or she can be fired from the position.  The same goes for if the director is also an employee you will need to terminate their employment.



What happens if shareholders are unhappy?


A company must always act in the shareholders' best interest by making sure its decisions enhance shareholder value. Shareholders can always sell the stock if they are unhappy. Their selling can put downward pressure on the stock price.




How do you become an investor?



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Why do Datru Projects need Investors?



Dantru invites companies or investors to partner in order to increase their shares from Investment guarantors. Any percentage of infusion of equity whether it be in cash, material, or industrial participation, will be converted by fair value into actual investment into the project.


Dantru Development Corporation through this strategy increases its financial strength by flexing its ability to raise funds, especially through industrial partnerships.




What are the types of Investment needed?


CASH EQUITY -  Equity Investment refers to buying shares in order to gain ownership interest that can be sold later to generate reasonable returns.


In business, equity contribution may refer to a capital contribution, which is an amount of money or assets given to a business to be part of the business or to increase his or her share in the business.  The capital contribution in return will increase the equity value of the company.


INDUSTRIAL PARTNER - An INDUSTRIAL PARTNER  is one who contributes his industry, labor, or services to the project in order to gain ownership interest of the company.  Their contribution is equated with a fair value which is then will be considered part of the expense fund.






How is the Project being Managed?

The project is run by a Management Group  managed chosen by the Board of Directors.


Who are the directors?

Directors are elected by the shareholders and have the responsibility of managing the company on behalf of the shareholders. They are afforded various power and duties, which are voted or approved as a policy of the business.   As such, they act within the powers granted by the company’s constitution and seek to promote the success of the company at all times.


Directors make a number of decisions, including, but not limited to general decisions for the running of the company.




How do directors make decisions?


Directors make decisions based on the Guidelines and Policies of the company.  The nominated directors will then implement the board decisions.


Who Select the Board of Directors?



Directors are selected and voted by the Shareholders.



Do shareholders have more power than directors?


Shareholders who hold a higher percentage of the shares in the company have even more power to take other types of action.  In simple terms the more shares you have, the more can command can influence and the director's actions but not necessarily command.